Scott's New Hobby

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scott has a great new hobby. Slot Cars! He used to have one when he was a kid and has found out that grown up kids still like to play with them. It's a cool digital track that can run multiple cars and it even lets you change lanes. There's a pit box so you can stop and refuel, and if you're not careful you can run out of gas on the track! Probably the thing that Scott has had the most fun with is creating all the detail on the track. He has landscaped it very nicely with rock wall and grass and shrubs. He has built several of the buildings on the layout with balsa wood and painted them to make them look realistic. My favorite part is racing the cars, except Scott puts me on Granny speed so I don't fly off the track as much, but it's not as much fun. (...and yes, he made the soda machines, too.)

Catch Up

Saturday, March 21, 2009

One of my goals for March 4th {fourth} this year is to blog regularly at least once a month. So I need to do a catch up. I promise it will be quick and painless!


Decorations (I made them myself)

Baking (I ate it myself)

Presents! Maddie and Grandpa



Happy New Year!

Scott's New Hobby!

Valentine's Day!

March 4th {fourth}

We made awesome goals to march fourth and accomplish. Thanks for leading us Liz!

Visit to Mom's!

Mom and Logan and Serenity

St. Patrick's Day!

Not much to report here. We didn't wear green, we didn't eat cornbeef, and we didn't swim in the green river.

Now you're all caught up and I can stay caught up!

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