New to Bloging

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thanks to Gary we are trying our hand at bloging. May this will give us some incentive to do some interesting stuff to tell you about. Check back soon!


Gary said...

You guys are awesome! You have a sweet blog. Its a cool name. You guys are the first ones to respond to my email. I can't wait to see some cool pictures and exciting stuff that happens in your lives.

msfears said...

Thanks Gar. We love ya.

Fearless Ventures said...

Hey Scott and Tracey or should i say Ms. Sweet Pea and Mr. Carrot,

Just checkin out your blog. looks cool. Wish we would have been there for the ward campout. I'm sure ya'll had fun.
Check us out at or or
we've got a lotof different sites these days. lol
We miss you guys and can't wait to see you at the family reunion.


msfears said...

Hey Brad. How did you figure that I was the pea and Scott's the carrot?

I've check out both blog sites, very nice. Very cute family!

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