Independence Day

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This year our Independence Day was full of fun.

I started the day with YOGA! My first try. It went pretty well. I didn't fall over too much.

We were invited to Brian and Miralyn's house for a pancake breakfast. It hadn't gotten very hot in the day yet, so the weather was pretty perfect (a little less humidity and it would have been right on). Breakfast was great and we hung out with friends and neighbors.

In the afternoon, Chris, Summer and Trenton came by and we got thoroughly entertained by Trenton. That kid cracks me up. He is so sweet. The boys went for a drive, and the girls enjoyed the A/C. We are glad that they have moved back this way.

The major festivities for the evening took place at Mike and Shelia's. They invited some people over (including us) and they cooked out. Very yummy! We sat by the pool and enjoyed the breeze.

Finally we went home and sat in our back yard and what the big fireworks from the fairgrounds. Which Scott and I were quite impressed with. They lasted for 30 minutes and were very good.

It was a great way to spend the holiday.


Gary said...

That looked Like a fun firework show. You guys had a full day. we ran a 5K here in Provo. but then I got sick and slept all day. It was not good. but oh well life is good. I'm marrying Tara. Thats awesome.

Dana171717 said...

That fireworks picture is awesome... I'm using it as my desktop background now :)

swimminupstream said...

Tracey??? How are you? I'm excited to read a new blog SOON!!! :)

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