April Fool's

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We had some fun today at work with April Fool's Day! Scott and I got to work this morning before we went in we decided we would have a little fun with some co-workers. Dave from the office needed to borrow Scott' s truck yesterday and we took his Trailblazer, so when we got to work Scott told him that his transmission had starting slipping (that's a joke because that has happened to Scott TWICE in the last six months), and Dave was so worried. I went and told Linda that I work with in the office that I was pregnant, she got a little more excited than I expected so I had to tell her really quick. After that it caught on and Dave started calling around with some "emergencies" of his own. It was also bid day for Scott, so after everything had calmed down and Scott got in the zone for the bid, he got pranked himself. Dave went to the bid and called him afterward and told him that we had won the bid, but that we were $300,000.00 less then the next high bidder, which made Scott freak! Everybody got a good laugh, even Scott. All in all it was a nice little comic relief for the day.


Liz said...

I love April Fools day. I just always wish that I could come up with good pranks to pull on people. You guys are funny!

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