Treasure Family Photos

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I received copies of these photos from my Grandmother. They are very precious to me because they are a link to my ancestors, some more recent than others. Family History is important to me because I believe in sealing my family together for eternity. My parents are not particularly interested in family history and were it not for my grandmother and her love of these old photo's I wouldn't have them, nor would I be able to add the extra layer of my family history by viewing them and feeling in them a since of who my ancestors were. So I would just like to remind everyone that your photos are treasures, not only for you, and for your children, but generations of your posterity. And even if your children seem not to appreciate them, your grandchildren or great-grandchildren might.

My mother as a senior in High School. She was already married to my father by this time. They were married when they were 17.

This is my Great-grandfather, George Edgar Coontz (aka Ed). I especially like the second picture. I just wish he was wearing his hat. He was married twice, his second wife was my Great-Grandmother.

These little guys are part of my family, too. The second from the left, the one with his tongue stuck out and the little gremlin ears, is my dad. The other boys are one of my great-uncles and some cousins. This picture was taken round 1956. If you have ever tried to imagine you parents as children...


Liz said...

Wow...those pictures are great! I love old family pictures. And you look so much like your mom.

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