Bread Bust

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Meringue's are Magnificent. My Stir-fry is Stupendous. My Bread is a Bust! I keep trying and trying, and have yet to master it. I found just the right loaf pans this weekend. I've been looking since I've gotten here. I had my yeast, and flour, and a warm place to let it rise and this is what I get! From this picture you can't see the big crack in the top, but it's there. My sisters-in-law make it look easy. To my mother-in-law it's second nature. For me it's just a bust, but I'll keep trying. (p.s. Scott did eat some and said, "but it tastes good." He's so nice.)


Tara Fears said...

Tracey, I'm right there with you on the bread thing! I can't take the pressure all the in-laws as FABULOUS bread makers, I'm just a good bread EATER! :) Maybe someday I'll get it down!

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