Tribute to President Hinckley

Monday, January 28, 2008

We would like to express our feelings and our testimonies of the recent passing of our Prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley. As most of you know, he passed way Sunday night. When we heard of this Monday morning it was a shock. Both Tracey and I, as we have made progress in our lives, have had opportunities to listen to his talks and to read his articles, and see what a great example this man was. We both have come to know in our hearts that he truly is a Prophet of God. He has been very inspiring in many ways to us.

We are grateful that he was a Prophet that built so many temples through out the world to make it easy for all of those desiring to attend the temple to do so, that includes us. It is a comfort to know that he will be with his wife. He has said on several occasions that he missed her and you could feel the deep devotion that he had to her and their marriage. Which brings us to bear our testimony that we can be together forever, and that should be a comfort to all of us. He was a great exemplar of that principle.

He was also a model of love and kindness to others. As you can tell from the picture above, you could always find comfort in his smile. He personified the Saviors example of loving his neighbor.

Tracey and I loved him and will miss him very much.


Team Fearless said...
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Team Fearless said...

I want to thank you two for your heart felt testimonies. Mine is built stronger every time i hear you bare yours.

President Hinckley will be missed, he was an amazing Prophet.

Love you

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