Georgia's 100 Year Drought

Sunday, January 20, 2008

We have found ourselves witness to a historic event in Georgia history (I'm sure several of the southern states history as well), the 100 Year Drought. We have gone from the basic dry and every other day watering your lawn to talk of only 90 days left of water and absolute watering bans. We pass by Lake Allatoona every day on our way to work and it is all but gone. At one point the bottom of the lake was so dry that it cracked. People went out into the lake beds with 4 wheelers and metal detectors. The pictures above are some that we have taken recently and this is after some relief with a few small rains. This has really illustrated the prophets' emphasis on being prepared and having food and water storage. Some of the other guys at work have gone out and bought the big water barrels. We went and stocked up on bottled water and 5 gallon jugs of water ourselves. Hopefully this winter will provide enough moisture to get us back up to normal.


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