Good TV

Monday, February 04, 2008

Have you noticed how there is nothing good on TV? Scott and I have, too. With television shows the way they are now, not much is family friendly and most things you can't even watch the commericals with your kids in the room.
Well, this Christmas Scott's mom (thanks Peggy) got us the first season of Little House on the Prairie. Yea! I was so excited, Scott, not so much, but now he is hooked. It's nice to have these sweet shows that are family friendly and family centered. Scott and I watch one every night (time permitting). I used to watch these shows every day when I got home from school when I was a kid, and I find that I enjoy them as much now as I did then. Scott especially likes the heart warming stories that make him misty eyed. I like the funnier ones myself, but see there is something for everyone.
We are now on Season Two. If you've never seen it I highly suggest picking them up, if you've watched it before give it a second look and share with the kids.


Liz said...

what a cute picture of Laura. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Little House..." Thanks for the suggestion...we might just do it.

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